Have $50 for groceries in August, help budgeting and figuring out what to buy?

Have $50 for groceries in August, help budgeting and figuring out what to buy?

To start, just want to say this is a one off lack of funds, and I am not someone who needs to visit a food bank (I know that's typically the advice in these situations). Splurged $400 on a year of pre-paid gym membership (trying to get healthy), and now I'm super tight for my food budget next month.

I am trying to lose weight, so focusing on not eating sugar and eating a high protein, lower carb diet. I am lactose intolerant and cannot eat dairy, other than that no restrictions. Luckily, I shouldn't need a ton of food since I am only looking to consume around 1300-1500 calories per day since I am 5'2" and looking to lose 2-3lbs per week.

I still have some staples in my pantry, enough rolled oats for 20 or so servings of overnight oats, enough dried cranberries for a month of overnight oat breakfasts, a gallon of almond milk (would need to replenish but think this would cover breakfasts). So I am really just looking for lunch/dinners for a month. Some other things I have are an array of spices/condiments, 2lb bag of brown rice, flour, and about 4lbs of frozen vegetables. I normally buy groceries at Aldi so am able to get things fairly cheap, and I have access to a stove, small oven, microwave, and crock pot.

Taste wise, I am pretty open to most things. I like veggies, but am not much of a salad person. Any advice for meals that would fit my budget would be greatly appreciated!

Submitted July 31, 2017 at 12:24PM by upboatshoes