affordable team picnic food ideas?

affordable team picnic food ideas?

hey all

we are having a team picnic and we are told to bring food to share. there will be 100+ people there. i am not sure if we are expected to have 100 servings to everything. this is my first time and i am getting overwhelmed. i dont have a budget to make 100 sandwiches (how much would a tuna salad sandwich be per serving?) .i thought about mac and cheese but since its outdoors, it might get dry and mushy. i thought about nachos but i cant imagine taking in multiple sheet pans or taking up that much room. and after that, i am out of ideas.

if anyones got any experience with big picnics or bbqs or parties, please help me out!

thanks in advance!!!

Submitted August 22, 2017 at 07:14AM by todaystartsnow